SAW Filter and SAW Resonator Devices

SAW Devices

  SAW (Surface Acoustic Wave) Devices. What are they?

SAW Filter technology. A SAW or Surface Acoustic Wave device relies on the propagation of an acoustic wave across the surface of a piezoelectic material. A comb-like array of electrodes etched onto the surface of the quartz, spaced at the centre wavelength, induces an acoustic wave in the surface of the material. A similar set of electrodes converts the mechanical signal back to an electrical signal via the piezoelectric effect. The overall effect on the input is a attenuation in signal about the centre frequency.


Because the resonanant frequency of a SAW device is not dependant on the entire mass of the substrate unlike conventional quartz devices, they are particularly suited to high frequency applications right into the gigahertz region.

Having a high frequency fundamental oscillation mode increases simplicity and reduces design cost compared to traditional quartz with associated frequency multiplication circuitry.

SAWs too have an advantage over traditional LC / RC electrical filter and resonance solutions in that the method of vibration is mechanical, and as such are not affected by fluctuations in supply or peripheral circuit voltage.

  SAW Filter & SAW Resonator Applications

Typical SAW Filter / SAW Resonator applications include:

  • GPS
  • GSM / Cellphone technologies
  • Microwave Comms
  • Bluetooth
  • WLAN
  • DAB
  • Cable Modems
  • Digital Television (CATV)
  • Wireless Remote Control
  • Pager Technologies

SAW devices can provide very small footprint solutions. Small Package Size: Out smallest surface-mounted SAW Filter for example is just 1.4 x 1.1mm with a package height of 0.7mm!

  Frequency Range: We supply SAW Filters for both IF (30MHz - 1.0GHz) and RF (100MHz - 2.7GHz) applications. Our SAW Resonator frequency range covers 100MHz to 1.1GHz
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